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4 Nov

Featuring: AMIZOZA

I marveled at your ability to love me past my
Disarming the armored guards strategically
situated to safeguard my
shattered soul.

Listen, there’s not enough emotions to paint on
paper to express my
appreciation of this extraordinary love.
Instead, let me say:
I like how you kiss my scars, instead of questioning
how I split my skin
with shards of glass.
How you loved me past my dark obsession with my
stretch marks.

And then……
I realized how harmless and unlike the rest you are.
So i poured my heart out, and again was startled at how you voluntarily let
yourself drown in the ocean on my patched up love.

This love letter is an appreciation of our senseless,
un apologetic love.
Allowing me to suffocate you with raw jealousy, to
be crazy and shamelessly
pride yourself in the love you’ve planted in me.


Here I am
Thankful, happy and full of smiles
I look back to the past love lives
No good decision was ever made.

Awesome, amazing things are always right in front of us but we are often blinded by the shaken desires of wanting more….
We forget to start by appreciating the little blessings we see with naked eyes.
Love that is real don’t come ringing bells but silently slips into the hearts of two minds willing to be together…

Time and again I find myself smiling,
Thinking let alone laughing out loud,
Most when I remember the little things you do to me and for us.
So many reasons why my life has changed lately
But above all, this extraordinary present has been one out of this world.
The gift of love from an Angel that is you to me… A simple nobody. Yet you find it important to make time to make my heart skip with joy
Turned this poor soul into a man from a boy.
Close.. And tight.
My prayer is for you to stay a little while.

Amazing is God who we pray to…
He created You.
Wonderful is this awesome compassion…
That made you offer to me a sweet gift of Love.


10 Aug


The way we get down…
We can make best actors in the whole wide world.
Putting every other shine and decisions on hold.
Your body belongs to this heart
I love the way you don’t keep me waiting.
All is done in time.
Things we do are always part of inner love.
Touching you feels heavenly.
Tonight is one of those days when all things are done Simultaneously.
Cos my mind says so, my heart is beating for
My inner desires are calling for!
You know I always say you deserve better,
That’s why nobody will take this place that you own in me
For a long time you will always be.

Your smiles are food for my soul
Your voice is the remedy to my wishes
Your whispers are the solution for my thoughts.
You don’t have time to find faults
Because we are too busy loving each other.

The beauty, that is you, even when you yawning.
A kiss on your forehead in the morning
Telling rather reminding you that you are beautiful
In my mind I will be wishing for time to move at a speed of sound
So I can get back home to you my woman.

You make me talk to myself.
Call in it crazy but I say its deep affections that my heart has for both of us.
When you’re close to me, I avoid looking at you on purpose.
The shape of hips drives me insane
Your thick ebony thighs send my eyes blur
Those firm curved breasts send shivers down my spine every time my hands are on them.

I hope you understand my situation
But because at the same time you are my solution.
I always can’t help it but love you more
Making love to you feels like the first time.
Kissing every part of your inner thighs.
My hands moving up and down slowly all over your body.
The dim of the lights adds flavor to this party
Rhythm of our heart beats correspond to the RnB sound speakers of our radio produce.
We breathe like we just finished the marathon
The scent of rubbers all over in the air.
No rush… Nice and easy we go. But still tap out.
Few moments later, we go Numb!!!


4 Aug

Featuring: @GeekJulieta & @Nator_DA ♥♥

DREW: Didn’t have much plans for my visit
I really thought it would be one of those normal passing by
Think of whatever you want about me, but I’m only trying to confess.
Your charm…
Your smiles
Your way of finding yourself in my mind,
Out of this world.
Everyday feels like a new impression
This telepathy comes with amazing compassion.
Affection on some other level
Why I didn’t have a vision about this?
Maybe my lips waited for that Kiss?
The heartbeat after the little touch gave my mind some peace.
I’m no longer interested in finding a way back
I’m lost in this love but I really don’t care
Its only fair that I don’t dare break your heart.
Like how flowers blossom when looked after very well,
I’m in this right from the beginning till that end of time
Letting you, to my heart it will be one hell of a crime.
The reason I’m keeping you close never to be treated like a chime.

JULIETA: Being with you makes the complex Romeo and Juliet seem so simple.
I would gladly kiss death for you, my dime,
I promise I won’t complain.
Whenever I have the chance to be close to sweet death,
I stare in your eyes and let myself roll in your beautiful dark and realise that even facing death,
Your name would be hollowed out with my last breath.
I’m ready to cherish your soul and mind,
You’ve had your way into my thoughts with words and artful caresses,
Now I take your heart and place in a glass jug written “I owe you eternity”
I know you have forgotten how, but let down your guard.
Come get lost with me, we don’t need to find our way back.
I’m inviting you to swim with my in Ocean el ow vee ei,
I’ll teach you how to swim, or we can drown together.

NATOR_DA: You are like the guitar strings that play within my
Harmonica expressions in a form of a harp
The sensual melodically tune of a flute
Like a harming bird waking me up to a subtle
You are a musical expression of an alternate galaxy
You’ve seduced me with the chords of your piano keys
Keys which open doors to every sense of my being
And every time we are apart it’s like you’ve left
without going
As I hold on to nostalgic memories of us fooling around
Bangs of the wall from our neighbors to turn it down
With a red nose… like Emeli Sande I’ll be your clown
Turn your frown upside down, put a smile in your heart
as you’ve done mine
Like Suriel you are an angel descendant upon me from
And just like India Arie said, I’m ready for love
Make you a part of my life
I could sit here and write all the reasons as to why we
should be together
But what really matters is how I feel inside.


16 Jul

Featuring: @Nator_DA

Beauty has its own faults
For it fades with time…
I’m glad, with yours is a different thing
Ever since you crossed my mind for the first time nothing on you has changed.
You have always been the same wonderful lady my eyes fought for,
My mind lost for,
My heart skipped a beat for,
With your amazing smile in love I fell.

As we grow, we learn how to let go of things that does not matter.
On the hand… We are always in a process of learning how to appreciate what makes us smile and happy.
Finding you was a thing that never crossed this mind.
God has his ways, here we are.
I’m just a man, an ordinary one
But a kind of man who is in love with you.

Every angel in heaven has a job to do
It was wonderful of God to assign you to me, to make me grin with no reason.
Just like the egyptians, I have my own way of praising the almighty.
Its through you that I have learnt that God is really wonderful.
Because God is the heaven I see in You.
My ebony goddess.
My source of dawn goddies.
Queen of all these other beauties.
My every day’s sunshine.
If loving is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!


To you my Nubian princess
I want to give you all my interests
But wait!, let me start with the simplest
Like breakfast in bed when you wake up in the morning
A letter on the kitchen counter while you still yawning
I wanna give you piggy bag rides like we are still children
Walking hand in hand in the mall with a swagnified rhythm
You see the Goddess that is your ebony, personifies the nubianess that is a princess.

You are like a Jasmine
The sensual smell of your aura captivates like a subjugate
Yes my very own flower in Isizulu we’d say uyiMbali
Ubuhle bakho bunje ngolwandle ngisho wena nthokazi
Your poise and stature is firm like the Eiffel tower
And since Paris is the city of love may I say tu es jolie
You are like the sunset peek over the horizon
A perfect picture that should be framed within my heart
Because the camera of God’s eyes never lie
The word “angel” actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means “messenger”
I guess that’s how God wanted you to be translated to me.

And may I commend you on your dress code
Its rare to see sisters dressed fully nowadays
Because nudity is seen as beauty nowadays
For their self-esteem to be intact they need to show some flesh
Now knowing that’s the kind of behaviour that attracts pests
But I’m a gentleman, no need to talk about your racks
Its your intelligence that got me boggled up in your nest
I want to be your subtle lullaby that puts your mind at ease
And if your shoe laces are untied I’ll go down on one knee
And just like that we’ll tie the knot
I know I got a frantic imagination
But you gotta admit that’s one hell of a plot.
You my perfect meaning of happiness.
My Ebony Goddess. I Love You.


2 Jul

At times it feels like my mind is playing tricks on me.
Trying to forget you is the battle that my mind cant win

As days pass, smiles add up
Blessings fall, my heart calls your name with every beat.
Like it is said, you only know fake things if you have had a real one.

Its hard to picture the days without you being part of each.
So here is my prayer….
Praying that you should never find a reason of leaving
If we fight, let it be the cause of strengthening our bond not of letting go.

We some time mess up and then regret..
But i am way too far from it all.
Because my wishes are to work things out at all time.
I dont wanna let you fly away from my grip and later wish to seek for an appology.

Im taking each day with compassion
Thanking God, and at the same time appreciating you for what we have.
I, am thankful.
To have you….
To be part of your daily thoughts.
To smile for no reason whenever you cross my mind.
To wish i can fly without wings and soar so high.

With Love xox


1 Jul

If you happen to see my baby
please let her know that she is amazing
A special blessing…
A gift of love is her.
The other meaning of smiles that my lips encounter each moment she cross my mind.
Tell her I adore her
Tell her she is one of my best things ever happen to me
Tell her that I wish that she must always be.
Be with me by my side each passing day.
Tell her that I love her!

With Love xox


30 Jun

Softly hitting the head to refresh a couple of memories
A simple smile comes across the lips vividly appreciating the quarities
Do I need to say more? Sure by now, mind is made up.
As in knowing the pretty little things that this heart beats for…
Its your turn for my hand to grab, let’s fall.
Fall in love that we will pray to bring sweetest blessings from above.
Joy is defined in details that comes with it
No anxiety no more, in whatever way we sure gonna defeat it
With you by my side the word depression vanishes into the thin air
You are my heartbeat… My other teacher on life
My Angel of happiness.

Joy overflows with no limit
At each of that moment my heart commit…. to you.
Heaven turned out to be far and you decided to find a place close to me.
I smile with no regards to who is watching
Because mine are laughters full of love that you bless every moment.
You are the rythm to my heart’s beat
The step of joy of my feet
The empty space that was caused its only you that can fit
Always cooling me down from the frastuation’s heat
The lady my heart calls upon
My Angel of happiness. :)

With Love xox


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