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1 Apr




More like a letter to the almighty, I will start off by saying….
Dear God,
As much as I am grateful for your never ending mercy
I still run out of words.
These gifts you bring in my life, I truly don’t deserve them.
But you still find it important to keep making me happy.
Perfect gifts I receive in all directions….
Slowly moving towards perfection
My life alone is all what I have been praying for
But lately, God you’ve decided to add one more task to my prayer sessions.
I pray that this little understanding between us grows to something firm.
I pray that our inner desires be fulfilled, be matured, and stay for long while.
Thankful I am. My knees bended. From the very core of this heart.
Never been a good person on my own without a prayer.
And I am so sure I will be nobody if I don’t thank the Almighty for bringing me one wonderful and most beautiful lady in my life. You.
I pray, for us to be always happy.
I pray, that our hearts beat with the same sound.
I pray, that God should keep you close. More closer than I have ever been with anyone else.
I pray, for you.

Things or people come and go…
But Im so sure you have come to stay
You have turn to be the most precious present never to be thrown away.
Keeping you close and dearly, that’s all i’m praying for.
With you, I swear we will together rise and fall
Not fall to let go, but fall deep in love.
I pray, that you should always see the things you saw the first day I came in your life.
I pray, that I should always be there emotionally whenever i’m needed.
I pray, for you.
I pray, for us to forever be.
Be amazing, together forever more.
I’m falling for you.

Loving you is a journey I have just started,
But it wont be complete if I wont bring you with…
Hold my hand and teach me how you want to be treated.
Make me your part, the perfect man.
I swear lately tears of joy runs down my cheeks every time I mention your name in these prayers.
I pray, that this little love grows and be deep than any depth of the ocean.
I pray, for us to stay understanding and willing to move forward no matter how bad we might fight.
And most importantly, I pray that this our young love should weather any storm.
And at the end share the fruits that comes with smiles of any shape or form.
I pray, for you.
I pray, that God’s protection cover you my Queen because me as your King I don’t want to be alone in this troubled world.
My perfect Angel of laughter for me to hold.
I pray, that each day we pass we should make an amazing memory
Not to talk of having blessed moments to cherish.
I prayed to find someone wonderful, but God gave me a star
Since you slipped into my life, my prayers now are for us never to let go of what we have.
I pray, for you. Amen.


26 Mar



Thinking about you, I smile.

This heart has found a new beat, that’s you.
For a little while I have known the other definition of inspiration.
Sometimes thoughts about you give me happiness.
Far is where you are from my eyes only yet so close to my heart.
Wishing so bad I could make you mine, but im giving it time. Patience. 
I like you not because you are beautiful but because you make me smile for no reason…
Yet at the same time you give me a reason to go on, to keep focusing on doing whats right.
Life is learned in different ways. You coming into this life of mine has started a new feeling of its own.
Strong feeling that is growing at a tender yet blossoming pace.
Im letting my heart do this on its own. Maybe someday you, I will own.
Sometimes I do think I have a lot to say or write,
Only to be reminded by the skipping beat of my heart.
Bringing back the senses that its only you that make me sane now.
Just like at a baby’s birthday, the little one’s laughters bring happiness
Is the same as when you mention the word love to me,
That brings me blessings. 
Ways of describing you are endless…
There is so much in you to be diluted, tender sweetness.
The more you keep running in my mind, the more my lips longs for a taste.
A taste of your lips would sure calm the senses… 
While they send shivers down my spine.
Kisses from heaven. 
Joy has a new meaning now,
It was one way of showing that you are filled with smiles
Now it means the heart is at peace.
Even though my mind can have a number of questions to ask you,
Im still sure my mouth wont really be able to utter a word….
Your beauty distracts me in so many ways, I act retarded while you are this far,
Imagine what can happen when you look into my eyes then smile while standing right in front me. I would freeze.
Either way, you are that remedy that I have just realised that I was missing.
Wrong direction that I have travelled looking for something this amazing
You can say stupid tools I have used made me not to catch what I have been chasing
Finally, here is a blessing in a form of an Angel that I cant wait to cherish and her lips be kissing.
Having a party and a special tour on that gorgeous landscape of a body.
Biting while fixing all loose ends… 
Shifting all other feelings to a spam box
I just hope your heart is ready for this sensational  feeling that its about to encounter.
These are kisses from heaven. 


22 Mar

I feel like writing

Writing something for and about you

You are amazing.
Amazing like that morning rising sun,
Sun brightening this life
Life so precious… And
Precious is you, since you brought joy
Joy filling the these empty spaces
Spaces that someone one created.
Created a number fears and thoughts
Thoughts so tough that brought sadness.
Sadness that you have just mopped clean!!

It feels like a new dawn of these smiles
With so much hope, I’m willing to a step forward. Towards you!
Yet deep inside I’m so patient and so respectful of what you thought and said along the way of knowing each other.
Let’s get amazing, together.
Together includes us, You and me.
Me as the King and of course You, my Lady as the Queen.
Queen of my heart alone.
Its not about what your eyes are looking at that matters, but how deep or big is the idea of making someone your part in your heart.

Your voice, so angelic…
That lazy laughter you use when we talk, priceless.
You see, that I’m being thankful for knowing cos till now I’m truly clueless.
Clueless as in I took forever realizing that you are wonderful?
Wonderful as a blessing of seeing the morning rising sun.
God’s will so superb and perfect.
His timing so precise.
Believing in his word has been the most sweet thing that brings me blessings.
Blessing that I no need to explain is You.
You, the beauty that to others is a dream to be close to.
To tell you rather reminding you are the sweetest God’s perfect gift, to me


15 Mar

DREW: Imaginations turns my thoughts to be true
Heartbreaks, depressions and all I have been through…
I loved and lost, believe me I have been a fool.
Hope was lost couldn’t even think I deserve something or someone new.
Who knew… God is amazing, you are a blessing.
God is the heaven I see in you.
Some might think you are too good for me, they don’t know that you have been sent from heaven to keep me focused.
To learn and find the other meaning of love.
To understand what prayers mean.. You are sweet not mean. You know what I mean? My Angel of laughter.

NATOR_DA: Through prayer I found you
And if love is a sin, I’m thankful to Jesus for his sacrifice
That even when shut I see your love with a naked eye
God is the Heaven I see in you, and in you I see myself for such is his reflection
Your heart is my bible with every artery forming a scripture, every atrium a chapter and every ventricle a verse
So when I pray I’m thankful I’m blessed
Through my blessings I pray for it to forever last
When I said I do, I wasn’t just marrying you but I made a commitment to God
Should I ever wrong you, I’ll stand at judgment day and take my punishment as Jesus did during his crucifixion
God is the Heaven I see in you, and unlike Satan who walked away you’ll never be subjected to treason
It says in 1 John 4:8, whoever does not love does not know God for God is love
Hence my seeing of him in you.

DREW: We kneel down to pray for different reasons
Lately you have been my number one reason why…
I’m given wings to fly each time I think about you, about us
My relationship with the almighty has grown since you came into this life.
What more can I say than calling you my pretty precious wife.
Wish I could put it in audio, but then God heard my prayer and said; Here is a Pen, go write a poem about her.
Here I am, letting mind help this pen vomit these simple ideas just to describe every possible way of how much of a gift you are to me.
Some see happiness in others, some see every answer to there little troubles,
But me, lucky me… God is the heaven I see in you!
So many verses in the bible that talks about love,
Hence my joy for finding you, my hope of staying close with you, my wish to always make you one and only.
God bless the day you were born.

NATOR_DA: You’ve turned our home into a church
I know our children would’ve met God before knowing him
God is the Heaven I see in you and I hope you see him in me
I want to give you a love that’s pure and all of my being
I want to be the reason why you happy that none of your relationships ever worked
The reason you get sad whenever you think of us being apart
I want to make every man that was once in your life envious of us
I want your friends to wish they had a church like ours
God is the Heaven I see in you
For you gave me the strength to use my heart for sight
Through the darkness of times you provide light
It’s the alteration of emotions that lead one astray
It’s GOD I see in you that taught me how to pray
I want to be the reason your sleeps are peaceful
Make you forget about the man whom towards you were deceitful
I’ll pray for you more than I do for myself
God is the Heaven I see in you and have faith in our love
I found God in you hence my faith will never die
That with every heartache you feel will be afflicted upon my flesh, and your burdens I’ll carry
I want to hurt your pain for you
I want to cry your tears for you
When you are silent I’ll be your loudest cry
When you are dormant I’ll give you life
God is the Heaven I see in you just like he sees you in him
Every day with you is a dream. I love You.



22 Jan

Featuring: @Pearl_Key

DREW: Its some kind of a secret why there is day and night…
So many things may happen that we can’t have answers for.
But understand that ideas keep flowing, as in finding new ways of keeping you close.. So close.
This grip that I have on Us, so magical.
All is about you, I mean the little things I do…
Ever wondered why others put up high walls around their places?
Ever wondered why roses have thorns?
Do you have an idea why it feels sick when you miss someone you love?
Well, my answers aren’t excellent either…
But all I know is that if you love a thing or someone, you have to keep guard.
Make sure its protected. Fought for…
Because that’s what it means by the word private property!! You are that word to me.

PEARL: White candles in a holy place so is my love – too pure that I try to keep it within avoiding all the dust that will keep it impure….But wait…is it still called love if it is kept within, isn’t supposed to be shared ? Hence I say let it stay between us, after all it is Our private property ; Yes OURS not THEIR’s …..have you seen someone who’s rather lost & ends up in a place they don’t belong, someone who’s probably looking for directions ?…I say such people should be distant from our private property…I don’t know but I’m scared they might just come in with Mud, mess up our private property. What then ? They leave, we end up with a mess – a mess they caused and now we have to clean it up on our own. Let’s stand firm together you as a man guiding the property and I as a woman making sure its clean. Like a clay in the hand of a potter so should our love be in Christ.
The third person allowed in our property is Christ alone.

DREW: At times my heart beat with so much joy,
Tears run down my cheeks with one perfect reason.
Reason of appreciation.
Appreciating what you and I have. Its so rare finding something like this.
Shoulder to shoulder we walk in these streets smiling
On the other hand our differences we hiding.
This is some true affection, number one sweet feeling.
A compassion that goes along with outstanding and superb passion.
You see,
I’m so jealousy when it comes to you for real reasons,
Cos this is about us, You and me.
Baby, this is our private property!
Others let everybody get in a way of their relationship.
As time goes they blame it on Love.
But I see no reason of doing that, the fact is nobody is coming between this, this will be another perfect example of why some of us are still willing to keep and fall in love again.
All trespassers will be dealt with accordingly…
Because what we have, is a private property.
Just for us.



18 Jan

Featuring: @Pearl_Key

DREW: Listening to what’s inside,
Lips interpreting through the simple smiles
Heartbeat at ease, so much happiness happening around, mind on pause.
The pulse goes like the flow of a lone stream
Not talking of that kind of cream, let deep feeling scream.
This is not close to a dream. This is the direct translation of Love. You are that Love.
They are that love…
Above from skies that’s where it comes from.
Love has so many ways of being expressed,
Luck me, I found You.
My other meaning of it.

PEARL: Like an unborn baby in a mother’s womb so is this love moulded inside me; I cannot be separated from it just like an unborn baby cannot be separated from the mother until the birth time….Ahh I’m beginning to imagine the doctors cutting the umbilical cord, separating the baby from the mother. However this love moulded inside me seem to make no sense hence one needs to understand its Creator first who Himself is Love. That Cross was not to perform some magical power but to manifest the authentic love, And that Authentic love is the one moulded in me. It probably appears bizarre before the world but I can’t blame the world because it knows nothing about authentic Love.
The meaning of it has outrageous feeling that comes with it…
Smiles to laughter, one beat to a racing heart.
All comes with and from Love.

DREW: Just the idea of falling in or being given love has so much effect on our thoughts..
Sometimes love grows stronger with every struggle to have more, yet at the same it fades if not handled with care.
Like a small seed that needs water regularly love needs our mind and hearts to work together for superb result of each relationship phase. Motherly, rather friendships contains some kind of secret love. But scratch all that…. Because all mentioned above its found you!! Yes, You.
Who are we to say no to love, of coarse it hurts but at the same time we must remember that there is no rose without thorns, just as it is said that everything that has the beginning suppose to have an ending but with Prayer in the forefront all I see is future smile. Everlasting let alone outstanding Love.

PEARL: As you mentioned above who are we to say no to love ? …..often we deceive ourselves believing that love is a feeling what kind of feeling ? Lusting a woman ?leading a friend astray ?, laying a hand on someone ? This Love I long for the world to experience is the one that has no conditions, the one Christ loves the church with, the one that surpasses every earthly things…this love is spiritual, its the fruit of the spirit not of flesh. Until one understands love spiritually only then they will be the true reflections of love and it will flow natural.

DREW: Flow naturally the same way our hearts beat with peace. Peace brought in by happiness, I mean the happiness shared when we have love between us.
Yes us, you… Me. Even them!
This world is amazing coz its filled with so many Angels of smiles that fly down with much Love.!!!


17 Jan

A lot been wrote about brown eyes
So much been said about pretty smiles
Not to talk of the curves…
Let alone the angelic voice.
Thats because these cute little things has much in common.
But there is something so special about you,
Uniquely breathtaking…
Your scent.
Amazingly outstanding,out of this world.

On and on I can go telling people how much of a blessing you are to me…
They may think I’m bragging because they have no idea of how wonderful you are.
I treasure you in every step of this journey of love.
Every minute my prayers are of us for what we have.
Let everyone know who we are
Making our strong mark in this game of fortunes called love
But baby, let’s not let anyone know about us.
This is for us alone…
We fuss,
We laugh
We fight.
That because we understand what this love mean to us.

Whenever I try to walk away, your love pulls me back, you keep me grounded. You are just like gravity.
In some kind of a way, heaven sent you down to keep me focused.
Now I’m addicted to your kisses…
lazy smile on my lips as I’m trying not to get into much details
But wait, that might seem like there are some other females.
And that can cost me the night goodies.
I love the way you make me pay my dues
All my heart’s desires are satisfied and it cools.

Nobody knows how strong this bond is
No one will ever come close to this…
So many things I can list to compliment you
But none beat your scent
It calms my soul in some kind of a way
Or maybe I should just say it all, like the way you blow my mind away?
Hahaha yeah I said it.
Your scent arouse the inner desire of my love to you.
Playing… Cuddling while we kiss the night away
Come dawn, we on it again.
We move around the room we break few things
By the time the sun rises, our place looks like a crime scene. Damn!!!
Something about your scent baby.


11 Jan

Here I am,
Thinking about us…
So many things to say but little time
Its better I write us a Poem.
Because I miss You
sometimes i sit and wonder if you are reality or just figment of my imaginations…
you come and go just as you please, and you leave me in awe as to what am gonna do with you so that you can maybe stay. i might still be a stranger in some kinda way but i really do consider you to be some special charm… your smile compliments every thought i usually have about you..
Like the beauty of a rainbow, this love have all those colours combined with deep emotions.
Miles away from each other makes these hearts grow fonder
But these little smiles from within always make us to find a way to remember that there is love.
I miss you even after a minute talking to you
I miss you not because you are only amazing but a sweet boo…

Miles apart as we might be, I find joy in looking at the star filled sky as I know when you look out your window, you will see the same stars, reflecting the many pictures of beautiful sunsets, hand in hand, my heart lingers for.
Impossible I might be with my leaving and staying, staying and leaving, constant bickering, but this heart here still loves only you.
You know… We often Love things that aren’t ours, in the process forgetting to appreciate what we already have.
The reason I’m trying to find it in my heart to give you all the gratitude one can offer.
You have been and you are always my best person,
That whisper you make whenever I call you.
Yes, that! Especially those kinda words. Hmmm
I miss that…
I miss you.

Walking around seeing my faces don’t bother me really,
Coz smiles brings you back with vivid imaginations…
But passing a day or two without you in mind that scares me actually
I hope you getting my drift on this one.
You are the only, queen of this heart.
You are the love angel, my part.
I tell you everyday that you are beautiful
Believe every word because I mean just that.
You put up with me, my nonsense.
My most precious treasure…
Together, believe you me, we can conquer the world.
I might miss you time to time but I will do whatever it takes to keep around!
Now right this moment, I want to remind you how amazing you are.
The sweetest by far. My shining star.
I miss a whole lot of things about you, about us together.
I miss your smile. I miss you.


23 Dec



FEATURING;  @Mr_Maluleke


Love itself is a great Inspiration,
And You coming into this picture now that’s some motivation.
Your name should’ve been Victory
Because your humbleness is truly a sweet story
I might come late, but I bet
Nobody came this close…

How I feel about you, that I will disclose.
Welcome to this world of amazing nothings
Pardon my silly late massages of love.
These words are all what I have
I’m wishing you that we will walk together to that future
Last time I saw you, I should have taken your picture.
But all in all never mind.. You are the future.

A beautiful sculpture of affection lies deep somewhere in you…
You are truly amazing to have close
Whenever my mind you cross, the feeling of satisfaction rings a bell.
Okay, I am blessed to have known you in that kinda way.
A way that gives restless ideas
Ideas in my head on what can I do next that together this dream of love we must chase
We go phase by phase…
Each day, I cherishes the little time we spend texting.

We often forget that beauty is not about the facial look, But the combination of little sweet things.
Ofwhich those little sweet things are everywhere in you.
Time and again I kept flying from one nest to another.
But now this is something else…
Not that the wings are broken but your magic has managed to keep me grounded.
You are like gravity!
All that flies surely come back to you.
Here I am. Embraced by your charms

We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable so is gravity obliviously making me say the fundamental truths of my heart.

Although at the beginning you seemed to be far
Sweet pleasure and rare delights , some dreams should not be touched they burn your heart into ashes and only death will allow you to escape and go far away but as an object Gravity resists

I don’t have to look into the heavens to look at the stars anymore, here you are my dear I look at your undeniable shiny beautiful face fallen amongst the stars, Gravity didn’t fail the earth.

I used to tempt faint, try to fly away but your gorgeous face made me cling to this world amidst the shadows of darkness you lightened up my path.

I submit to the clutch of my own delusions,
falling through the gaps
of a decimated reality.

The dream I am dreaming in my dream of you brings nothing but the extreme sweetness of love.
These feelings deep in me can’t be taken,
Thoughts about you, believe you me can not be shaken.
One kind of a strong army for two, we can’t be beaten.


23 Nov

Been hiding this thought for a while now
Its not like I don’t have courage to let it out
But lately time hasn’t been for me to step close to you.
There might be a million plus things to say to you
But nothing will match the deepest idea my heart holds about us.
Well not us yet… But believe you me, maybe its fate.
Smiles that keep crossing my mind reminds me to mind that there is always hope to look forward to tomorrow.
Be part of this laughters that my dreams bring in the morning.
This is one feeling I can’t keep ignoring…
Its time we talk,
Put your ear on your heart’s door to hear my knock.
Am coming in peace. A huge grin on my face.
Let’s talk about Us…
I can’t say you don’t notice how I act when you are close. Way too adorable.
Let’s talk about how we feel about each other…
I have started my part just so I make it clear
Have no fear.
Miss sunshine, Let’s talk about love!!

Listen… You see,
I am all good, but with you I will be at my best
I got so much smiles, but be my happiness,
I consider myself a King, will you be my Queen?
I only have this heart, do you mind being the beat to it?
I only think am okay, but with you I might be amazing.
I know its okay to grin, but do you mind making it to turn into a laughter?
Okay, all that aside…
Let’s talk about us,
The way you act every time we meet, you always catch my attention… Way to superb.
Miss sunshine, let’s talk about love.

Let’s talk about how we going to make it work
About how we can solve each problem we might encounter along the way…
Understand that,
I said I’ve never felt this way because I haven’t.
What more do you need to see?
Never mind that.
See me!
Let’s talk about love…
Let’s define it in every possible sweet way
Don’t look away when my heart is talking to you.
I’m not them.
I’m here to make love what it should be.
The lover in me
is reaching for you.
Notice each step am taking towards you
I don’t care where you will meet me
as long as it’s along the way.
This is not an ego play.
Wherever hearts meet.
Let’s find each other there.
Maybe only there, its when you will say your part of the story.
Dealing with the way I feel right this moment, outweighs my anxiety. It brings so much courage to accelerate much more with so much faith like that of a mustard seed.
Miss sunshine, let’s talk about love.
This believe you me, its a gift from above.
With all the affection that I have.
I will treat you with so much care, like a dove.
I guess this is well said.
Its up to you now… Whenever you ready. I am ready.
To talk about love.


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