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16 Jul

Featuring: @Nator_DA

Beauty has its own faults
For it fades with time…
I’m glad, with yours is a different thing
Ever since you crossed my mind for the first time nothing on you has changed.
You have always been the same wonderful lady my eyes fought for,
My mind lost for,
My heart skipped a beat for,
With your amazing smile in love I fell.

As we grow, we learn how to let go of things that does not matter.
On the hand… We are always in a process of learning how to appreciate what makes us smile and happy.
Finding you was a thing that never crossed this mind.
God has his ways, here we are.
I’m just a man, an ordinary one
But a kind of man who is in love with you.

Every angel in heaven has a job to do
It was wonderful of God to assign you to me, to make me grin with no reason.
Just like the egyptians, I have my own way of praising the almighty.
Its through you that I have learnt that God is really wonderful.
Because God is the heaven I see in You.
My ebony goddess.
My source of dawn goddies.
Queen of all these other beauties.
My every day’s sunshine.
If loving is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!


To you my Nubian princess
I want to give you all my interests
But wait!, let me start with the simplest
Like breakfast in bed when you wake up in the morning
A letter on the kitchen counter while you still yawning
I wanna give you piggy bag rides like we are still children
Walking hand in hand in the mall with a swagnified rhythm
You see the Goddess that is your ebony, personifies the nubianess that is a princess.

You are like a Jasmine
The sensual smell of your aura captivates like a subjugate
Yes my very own flower in Isizulu we’d say uyiMbali
Ubuhle bakho bunje ngolwandle ngisho wena nthokazi
Your poise and stature is firm like the Eiffel tower
And since Paris is the city of love may I say tu es jolie
You are like the sunset peek over the horizon
A perfect picture that should be framed within my heart
Because the camera of God’s eyes never lie
The word “angel” actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means “messenger”
I guess that’s how God wanted you to be translated to me.

And may I commend you on your dress code
Its rare to see sisters dressed fully nowadays
Because nudity is seen as beauty nowadays
For their self-esteem to be intact they need to show some flesh
Now knowing that’s the kind of behaviour that attracts pests
But I’m a gentleman, no need to talk about your racks
Its your intelligence that got me boggled up in your nest
I want to be your subtle lullaby that puts your mind at ease
And if your shoe laces are untied I’ll go down on one knee
And just like that we’ll tie the knot
I know I got a frantic imagination
But you gotta admit that’s one hell of a plot.
You my perfect meaning of happiness.
My Ebony Goddess. I Love You.


2 Jul

At times it feels like my mind is playing tricks on me.
Trying to forget you is the battle that my mind cant win

As days pass, smiles add up
Blessings fall, my heart calls your name with every beat.
Like it is said, you only know fake things if you have had a real one.

Its hard to picture the days without you being part of each.
So here is my prayer….
Praying that you should never find a reason of leaving
If we fight, let it be the cause of strengthening our bond not of letting go.

We some time mess up and then regret..
But i am way too far from it all.
Because my wishes are to work things out at all time.
I dont wanna let you fly away from my grip and later wish to seek for an appology.

Im taking each day with compassion
Thanking God, and at the same time appreciating you for what we have.
I, am thankful.
To have you….
To be part of your daily thoughts.
To smile for no reason whenever you cross my mind.
To wish i can fly without wings and soar so high.

With Love xox


1 Jul

If you happen to see my baby
please let her know that she is amazing
A special blessing…
A gift of love is her.
The other meaning of smiles that my lips encounter each moment she cross my mind.
Tell her I adore her
Tell her she is one of my best things ever happen to me
Tell her that I wish that she must always be.
Be with me by my side each passing day.
Tell her that I love her!

With Love xox


30 Jun

Softly hitting the head to refresh a couple of memories
A simple smile comes across the lips vividly appreciating the quarities
Do I need to say more? Sure by now, mind is made up.
As in knowing the pretty little things that this heart beats for…
Its your turn for my hand to grab, let’s fall.
Fall in love that we will pray to bring sweetest blessings from above.
Joy is defined in details that comes with it
No anxiety no more, in whatever way we sure gonna defeat it
With you by my side the word depression vanishes into the thin air
You are my heartbeat… My other teacher on life
My Angel of happiness.

Joy overflows with no limit
At each of that moment my heart commit…. to you.
Heaven turned out to be far and you decided to find a place close to me.
I smile with no regards to who is watching
Because mine are laughters full of love that you bless every moment.
You are the rythm to my heart’s beat
The step of joy of my feet
The empty space that was caused its only you that can fit
Always cooling me down from the frastuation’s heat
The lady my heart calls upon
My Angel of happiness. :)

With Love xox


23 Jun

Angels know your name, because you are one of them.
Your job, to make others smile from within.
No strings in between.
My friends know you, because I always tell them sweet things about you.
I tell them you are my one and only, not number one cause there can’t be another.
Your friends envy you, because the love we have is more than a relationship.
Way pass the old friendship
I call wife cos I always see you in my future
When I look at us in my dreams, well its always one beautiful picture.
My prayers go to him, the almighty above for giving me you
Since you slipped into this life of mine, I have learnt to be true.
Understanding that’s all in you
Didn’t believe there is love until you showed me smiles
I wasn’t used to praying, until I really needed someone to be with…
And then God blessed me with you, now I pray for us everyday.
So there is no need to worry about the future of this cos God already know that we are in Love!
This is his work, his wish and his plans
Let’s just cherish these sweet little moments.

There might be a few things you ought to know about me…
Well, its not much but its worth the know.
Not everything can be said in this poem, some may be said as we go.
I am not perfect, so is everyone else.
But one thing for sure my heart is your warm place.
Listen my lady…
You know what happens when a person has a favorite song?
They sing it every now and then right?
For me its a different type of a favorite thing. Its a Prayer!
A prayer that I say everyday since that day you gave me this gift.
Gift of love.
Suggestions or some other decisions may come around in your head to let go…
Maybe because you might think there is no way forward.
Its time you kneel down and ask from above for sweet solutions.
Like I said…
There is no need to worry about the future of this cos God already know that we are in Love!
This is his work, his wish and his plans
Let’s just cherish these sweet little moments.
Moments that some only wish or dream about!
We are a blessing cos this is from above.
We are amazing cos this is some adorable love.
Above all, we will always have smiles
Cos God knows we are in Love.


31 May

Smiles of her, so magical
none of these others, don’t and can never come close,
her affection.. i applause.
everything has its own time they same,
well.. this is the right and perfect one.
amazing journey of unconditional love has just begun.
with all the joy that i possess I’m here to pass it on to her.
my heartbeat never changes whether she is here with me or far
because one thing for sure, she will always be my number one shining star
others come and go… but in me she found a warm place.
all together fighting it all, each hill that we will face.
she at times call me her angel of smiles,
and deep in me i always know she is one precious thing
her royal highness, my Queen!

We are loved in different ways
Sometime we end up running out of words
One touch from her, the body tickles.
What she found in me is precious goodies mine
Don’t ever think otherwise, she is already mine
An amazing beauty so fine.
Her Loyalty makes her Royal
Never ever thought this heart of mine will beat for someone again
Let’s just say the last love ended in pain
More like hope in vain.
But her mind is more blessed
Her love, unconditional
Her curves, damn!
Been taught the other meaning of what love is lately
I’m now always sure some Angels are amongst us
Relax… Don’t move fast. Give love a chance.
She is like a lioness.
Always by my side.
Well, that’s how good it feels when you get yourself a diamond.
She is all sorts of wonderful
Really without doubt so beautiful.
Her royal highness, my Queen.


15 May

Ever trusted the promise you made to yourself of never falling for no one else?,
Brushing aside all other ideas that comes with the feeling of affection…
Days give birth to months which turns into years
Sometimes the hurt your past love life caused never really remove the fears.
But smiles that those your lips produce do help to dry the heart’s tears.
Dreams are chased,
Respect is earned,
Love is given… I’m giving it to you.
At times, time is wasted in over thinking or over expecting what could have been right, in the process forgetting to appreciate the little precious gifts that love has to offer.

We fall in love wishing the person to be different from the last one…
Yet we forget all other silly things we might have put someone in or that we have done.
Minds focus on so many different and useless ideas,
But lately…
Smiles have been transformed,
Joy restored,
Anxiety overpowered.
So many meanings are associated with the term love.
None comes close to what I think might be the perfect definition
Its the other way of describing inspiration
Actually its the reality of my inner imagination.
Love is, You.
The perfect happiness.


2 May

I pretend not to care
Do my own thing, smile here and there.
Again and again… Trust me,
It all ends in a bit of pain. Inside.
…But sometimes I write these words for you. You are too busy to notice.
Giving undivided attention to those that can’t even have a minute for you.
…But at times you cross my mind and I smile.
Yet you are caught up in useless infatuation.
Maybe you just too good for this poor soul.
…But sometimes it feels good just looking at your face.
You probably have no idea since words only don’t move you.
Wonder what it takes for your heart to fall in love. That I would love to know.

Beauty, they say its a thing from within..
That’s not the case with you.. Cos its written all over you.
…But sometime I brush off the little facts that I have fallen for you.
Actually because the luck of both of our hearts being close is getting faded
Will you ever understand what it truly mean to love someone?
…But sometimes falling in love is knowing that you will get hurt and still do it anyway
A thing you are not ready for, cos you, miss sunshine you still in denial of how you feel about this whole thing.
So, I will still ask you.
Will be the rhythm to my heart beat?

Your mind is clouded with so many thoughts
Your vision is blurred because you are used to getting hurt.
…But sometimes the beginning of good things in your life might be the person you are ignoring today
Give love a chance.
An adventure you are not ready to explore
Because you are still trapped in fear.
…But happiness always have a way of finding a place in us.
I guess you still far from it since you busy focusing on one’s past instead of embracing the present and await for what tomorrow has to offer.
Time waits for no one.
Spend these little minutes you have while you can than cry and regret for the chances you did not take.
Be amazing!!


22 Apr



Hold on…
Someday someone will make you understand the true meaning of love,
Give you the perfect definition of happiness.
And undo the anxiety to smiles so priceless.
Have faith…
Sometimes it seems like forever but each prayer has its answer.
Love take time to come by but once it arrives its worth the wait.
Stay ready…
Some people may put their thoughts in your head, lying in all different ways.
They might have all the other things but with no love attached to their hearts….
But here I am, with nothing to offer but these words.
I’m a just a man who is trying to get to know you more and give a gift so precious than diamond… a gift of love through this piece of paper.
A poet who is in love with you, be the queen that this Heart been longing for. Be that special one.
Here I am, with none to give but these lines…
Just a poet writing a poem for you.
Take this present,
With it comes different ideas
Real meaning not yet known
Definitions of a heartbeat calms some senses….
Sometimes falling in love is, failing to understand why you still with that person cos there are so many sweet reasons.
Fighting for and with them all time just to get the right decisions.
Will you be that special one?
Will you be willing to be called baby?
Will you stand by this side, smile and agree that we in it together?
So many complicated ideas written down for you on this page,
But the fact remains….
I’m just a poet writing a poem for you.
Asking for a place in heart…
Dont tell me its occupied, love always find a space of its own.
Just move around a few things.
Tell me how you feel.
Maybe not this moment but in due time I will still keep asking just so I know where my luck with stands.
Its a beautiful feeling I get when visions of how I wish I would treat you flashes in front of me.. I smile.
While waiting for that first day I will hug you, whisper in your ears… reminding you how beautiful you always are.
But like I said…
I’m nobody, actually with nothing but only a pen that I am using to write you this.
I’m just a poet writing a poem for you.
A poet with so much to express, so much to show. So much love to give and so much smiles to share. I care.



1 Apr




More like a letter to the almighty, I will start off by saying….
Dear God,
As much as I am grateful for your never ending mercy
I still run out of words.
These gifts you bring in my life, I truly don’t deserve them.
But you still find it important to keep making me happy.
Perfect gifts I receive in all directions….
Slowly moving towards perfection
My life alone is all what I have been praying for
But lately, God you’ve decided to add one more task to my prayer sessions.
I pray that this little understanding between us grows to something firm.
I pray that our inner desires be fulfilled, be matured, and stay for long while.
Thankful I am. My knees bended. From the very core of this heart.
Never been a good person on my own without a prayer.
And I am so sure I will be nobody if I don’t thank the Almighty for bringing me one wonderful and most beautiful lady in my life. You.
I pray, for us to be always happy.
I pray, that our hearts beat with the same sound.
I pray, that God should keep you close. More closer than I have ever been with anyone else.
I pray, for you.

Things or people come and go…
But Im so sure you have come to stay
You have turn to be the most precious present never to be thrown away.
Keeping you close and dearly, that’s all i’m praying for.
With you, I swear we will together rise and fall
Not fall to let go, but fall deep in love.
I pray, that you should always see the things you saw the first day I came in your life.
I pray, that I should always be there emotionally whenever i’m needed.
I pray, for you.
I pray, for us to forever be.
Be amazing, together forever more.
I’m falling for you.

Loving you is a journey I have just started,
But it wont be complete if I wont bring you with…
Hold my hand and teach me how you want to be treated.
Make me your part, the perfect man.
I swear lately tears of joy runs down my cheeks every time I mention your name in these prayers.
I pray, that this little love grows and be deep than any depth of the ocean.
I pray, for us to stay understanding and willing to move forward no matter how bad we might fight.
And most importantly, I pray that this our young love should weather any storm.
And at the end share the fruits that comes with smiles of any shape or form.
I pray, for you.
I pray, that God’s protection cover you my Queen because me as your King I don’t want to be alone in this troubled world.
My perfect Angel of laughter for me to hold.
I pray, that each day we pass we should make an amazing memory
Not to talk of having blessed moments to cherish.
I prayed to find someone wonderful, but God gave me a star
Since you slipped into my life, my prayers now are for us never to let go of what we have.
I pray, for you. Amen.


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