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“MAY WE, FOREVER BE… part 2”

3 Jan

Featuring: @Wolfe_words

Our eternity is a compilation of daily infinities

May our stars be without faults and our souls be enlivened bt the echo of our colliding heartbeats
I pray you become the song that soothes my every cry 

That your soul dances with mine even after our hearts have stopped composing the music of our love 
Religion is world created system, but in this world of clutter and chaos, you are my religion. Your aura is the spirit that calms my fears and settles my storm
I pray your heart be filled with abundant love, limitless of flight of emotions that cast your fears into nothing but feint air
As we lie, in our sanctuary, our voices matching the pacing of our breaths

May forever be enveloped with the timeless bliss of our intertwined bodies

May our minds be made up for us alone , not to involve any other complications. This is now my favorite feeling to have above everything else.
I’m just an addict of your love dont mind my daily confession about how much and what you mean to me. May we, forever be…. be alright in every way! 
I swear i need you first thing when i wake up. 

I have learnt to appreciate this what we have before it gets to too late..

I cant wait another minute just to remind you how amazing you have made my life to be

You are worthy 
May this be just the beginnings of all precious treasures. May we keep in mind that on own we cant do it but by asking for Devine help from above.

May we, forever be… 
We may have no say as to what our tomorrow holds but I trust God has it all fixed.

Beautiful memories we are creating now will be bringing us top of the world laughters.

Forever is just closer, lets aim for eternity!
I love how you leave me speechless whenever you call my name. I found you, and i have no intentions of going on without you in my each day.

Babe, I still say… may we, forever be. ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘€



30 Dec

To be honest….

I have always thought it was the right idea just to admire and love you from far.

I never ever imagined that maybe someday i will have the courage to step closer to just to say hello 

Its the things you say that keep holding my soul hostage. I cant think and do a lot whenever the thought of you come around.

I have always been saying to myself, there is no waythat beautiful created image can be mine… look at us now?

Its getting to be an exciting journey of knowledge for both of our hearts.
Please stay longer…

Please smile more often…

Please be mine from this very moment… 

Please let your heart be taught new affection…

Please be patient with all this process of me getting to know you more… 
I swear you have no idea how some of my night been sleepless, simply trying to find proper phrases to say to you… 

Trying to figure out how to decipher the codes of your precious mind.

For a while I thought love was just a fairy tale but then you came along… not to be mine as yet but you brought to me the light that if our hearts meets love all turns AMAZING.
I can stay up all night writing, but what if all that is being written wont mean a thing to you?

I wanna first ask if you feel its safe for me to step more closer to you than this…
I hold back and laugh at myself when i think of all the stolen kisses i will give you, 

All the goodbye hugs…

All the whispers i will be giving you before I decide to kiss your forehead.

All the time that i will be holding your hand as we do a walk.

In my mind and my head, i think its a picture well painted.

A beautiful portrait on a canvass.
I hope you dont mind if I waited to hear from you soon?

Why dont you just think about it….

Im not in a hurry to receive the precious gift of love from you but on the other hand i dont wanna wait in vain for it. 
Listen, i am not writing these lines to promise you the world cos that will sound ridiculous.

I know that im not a perfect man but i just want to be closer to your compassionate self and learn all little things about you.
This, will be one awesome journey of Love. 

God knows I prayed for laughters then he decided to give me courage to say how i feel about you. 

As i wait…. amen! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


21 Oct

Whatever first impression you did on me worked magic…. I dont seem to keep you off my mind.The warmth that your voice bring to me is the same of the sunlight to the flowers for them to grow and blossom.
Even though i dont say it often. 

I smile whenever you cross my mind, let alone whenever i see your face from the pictures i have of you.

Its crazy and silly how much i fall in love on a daily with you.
I have a reason to believe you are the one for me, lets be… Together…. Now and forever more.

Deep inside of me all sadness shifted, see… Light conquered the loneliness

Hold on a minute, let me confess

You changed me!
Loving you is the most precious thing i know

The chance and gift that i don’t have to blow… This is the only thing that feels right right now.

I cant deny there will be hard times for this 

But please… Dont think of letting go of this grip you have on this love.
Everyday takes me back to the first day i saw you

Your smile erased all my well constructed phrases of compassion.

But i dont regret a thing cos heaven brought me a precious gift… You.
Sometimes we dont believe in certain things till someone comes along and change it all…

Sometimes we are too slow to understand that love is always around us, we just need to handle it with care for it to grow…

Sometimes we in a hurry to plans for forever instead of taking a day at a time and find out all the deep desires of the opposite heart.
May our lives forever change,

May you find the happiness you deserve in me. Pictures may fade but may you keep teaching me whats it like to love you more. All the little things that matter to you.

May God be with us as we go along in this journey of love. Amen.


17 May

Blessings fall on us in different waysAll these hard works, it’s through our prayers… That pays

Time and again we fail to appreciate whats next to us, mostly only realizing when the gift is gone

Forgetting all the affection that was shown

Forever starts now…

The little beliefs about love keep us going

We too quick to judge the wrongs of our ex lovers

But on the actual sense we contributed to whatever happened 

In the process we throw away fortunes of giving our hearts to others

Hope keep fading…

Faith starts drowning…
We feel misread whenever we remember what was promised by the other part…

In so doing we forget to take care of our precious heart…

Don’t let hurt bring to you hate

Even though love lane might have so much traffic 

Keep believing in love anyway….

Keep believing in love anyway 

As long as we have each other

We possess the key to the master lock

We become an interrelated sentence to the perfect plot

If you hold on tightly, then itโ€™s cool you can fall

 Deeper in love with me and I will never let you fall

When things seem hard, remember why we started

Letโ€™s embody the concept of forever

Where you play the princess in my once upon a time

And I your knight and shining armour, Iโ€™ll drops all these nickels for a dime

Do me a favour and keep believing in love

See, Iโ€™ll fly into your mind and fertilize your thoughts 

Like a bee skirts another dance around the parameter of rose pedals

My eyes on you will be like subtitles to foreign bioscopes, youโ€™ll find me spellbind

Iโ€™ll be the perfect chef to our recipe

And follow each ingredient till I get to where you marry me 

I want us to last

Be the reason our grandchildren believe in love

I may not believe in a lot of things

But I believe in us

I crave us with sheer interest a kid shows to sweets

I lust for us like an unfaithful man to his madamโ€™s treat

If you give up Iโ€™ll hold on for both us

Balance the equation like a the theory of Pythagorus…

Time will be rushing to our old age

Everyday of our lives, we are actually turning a new page

Interest in some things fading along the way to forever 

Hate builds anger, jealousy and all sorts of negative energies 

But a little belief of compassion does separate us from the rest…
Minutes are wasted to days wondering or maybe thinking of what went wrong… And in a long run all hope is gone 

Never be disturbed by the idea of an old heartbreak

Don’t ever push away the affection that is shown to us, you never know it might be our last hope

We actually think forever is a joke, 

And we end up looking down on the reason of being in love…

Don’t be the “what if” type

Don’t give up on what your heart really wants

Don’t throw away your new beginnings of eternity 

Don’t allow other people’s opinions overlap your single thought why you think love is blessing…

Even though all this Hurt,

Keep believing in Love anyway.


15 Apr

Featuring; @Nator_DA
DREW; Sometimes i wonder what will i do if you became really mine… But i put together all this little smiles that you bring in my life and i know that if its God’s idea for us to be together then all is possible. Never doubted God plans…

I think I’m falling in Love again with you Miss. 

Be the only person for me to miss

I mean now and again knowing its only you that i wanna please.

I’m not happy with what has been happening between us,

We were once close as friends,

We better start working on being close again, together.

The spark that we once had is what keep pulling us back at each other again… 

Apart from that none can be normal again but the little affection left in us can go back like to the beginning of it all.Lets get back to love… That love that was once blessed from above.
NATOR; Letโ€™s travel back in time. Take a tour in the past and find the spark that lit the fuel in our hearts

Where through your eyes I glanced at your soul

And through my thoughts you caught my goal
Where your happiness to me was the sole priority

We lived in a dream in the essence of reality

Letโ€™s run away from the unrest and the un-meant words

We are the only ones who can save ourselves

Just last night I visited memories, where time stood still

And our heart beats resembled the sand in the hour glass
Your touch reminded me that Iโ€™m home

Existence says we should not be together

That we should fight to be apart

I say, letโ€™s get back to love

To re-ignite what we never lost

To believe in the best case scenario of a great cause

To find one another in each other

All I want is for us to get back to love

To smile at the idea of you

To sing along to the words we have made up to our favourite songs
To write our own book and live every word

To find comfort in believing

To find faith in contention

To be mad and say we canโ€™t stand each other no more
Then make up and be in love as we were before

For the break-ups only so that we can make up

For the fights, the โ€œIโ€™m sorryโ€™sโ€ then we make love

Letโ€™s be together with the guidance of the above
Letโ€™s get back to love.

Out of the blue i keep reminding myself of few stanzas i used to write and recite for you…

DREW; Never had the time to regret anything coz there was no way bad things that happened can outweigh every precious moment we shared.
An angel of laughter

A remedy for loneliness 

A drop of water in my dried heart 

Pain killer of love migraine

A walking stick to my blind eye 

A candy to the little baby 

See… That’s what i think you are like.

All that and more!

Let’s get back to love

Let’s turn back the hands if time and correct every minute that was wasted 

Lets kiss and make again

Lets laugh at anything and everything 

Lets get silly once more!
Memories keep igniting the flame deep inside 

Visions keep bringing back all the sweet nothings


Laughing out loud, praising the first day i met and knew you!

You are love itself.

So here i stand finding my way back home

Let’s get back to Love ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒน


12 Apr

Not believing in love should be a crime.Time and again we get lost in search of fortune or happiness and in the long run we stop putting much effort into consideration of what’s it like to be someone’s deep desire 

Sometime things so simple turn to be complicated coz we are always in a hurry to judge what the other heart is going through…

Out of the blue, ideas cloud our minds and we throw away our belief in what could have been an amazing adventure.

Be in the picture…. Let the heart beat take us to the future.

Actually, being far from you to my heart that’s truly torture… 

But in the meantime let me say since I found you, you can have me all. 

Every single part of me i give it to you.
Dragging the idea of letting out the truth about how deep i have fallen 

But then I found you… Have me all.

Every step I can decide to take from now forward i pray that you should be part of it. Be part of my dreams, my yesterdays and my forever mores. 

Travel with me and come I show you the deepest parts of my life, take this journey with me. 

Now that I found you I want to break every wall and just let you in. 

Indulge yourself in this beauty that is my soul. Get so engulfed with my existence that you never want to miss out on me. 

I’m all yours after all. 

To you I give my heart like a canvas would be given to an artist. Create magic on it with your art. I want only the marks your hands will leave. 

Weave every moment into my heart your canvas and I will live to re-live the memories. 

They will be flowing in every part of my heart then I will know I have found you. Yes,

I found you. You found me. We are all we have.
It gets exciting when thoughts of upcoming plans hits me…

I laugh out loud thinking about the rest 

Lets just say I picture you laying peacefully on my chest 

Happiness cant be explained much further than this…

I welcome you to this overflowing compassion,

Oh! Lately I haven’t told you that you are one of my best motivation!

I have seen God’s beautiful creations but then i found you, a special inspiration.

You can have me all… Every bit of me its yours.

I’m setting you free, so that you can love me better.

Don’t wanna cloud all your spaces and leaving no room for new ideas.

Its prayer that you shouldn’t get bored with us anytime soon.
I found you… Have me all.

Thank God, i am in love with YOU! 


21 Mar


Tempted to say some words, but I’m trusting my patience… Waiting for the day i look into your eyes and say it. 
I have fallen for you. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™ˆ
I may to you look like a perfect gentleman, but somewhere deep in me lies some trouble that im willing to let out and share with you…

Maybe that will be a way of me finding peace as our days go while together.
I was so interested to hear from you to tell me how you feel about me yet I forget to take a day at time… Little did i know that the waiting will somehow be bringing smiles on a daily.

Believe you me i have no idea how will i thank you for sparing your time to find a place for me in your Heart.
Just felt like I should say part of all other things to be said as days pass by…
We make plans… But GOD finalize all the planing, we just have to trust and wait on him for his unconditional and amazing love,

For all things come from above!
Maybe i was scared to start stating the actual reasons of stepping close to you but then on the other hand i was also trying to give the other heart-yours… a chance to find a way of shifting other goods clouding the space.

These words are from within me, not just trying to impress.
Haven’t said a whole lot of other things because it might get exhausting for you to read it all, i would rather save some words for when i meet you.

I don’t want you to think I’m trying to take advantage of your beauty…. Infact i want to still get addicted to seeing you say all sensible things you always say.
And yeah… 

I am sorry for the beginnings we had. Pushing you to the corner wanting you to say you like me too

Haha eish… You see, sometimes we run way ahead of ourselves in hopes of finding the results… Yet we forget to count each second that clock offers.

Slowly patience growing 

Let alone the like business of liking each other flowing. 

Getting lost in these sweet moments together.

I’m glad you are willing to step one more step with me, this i cant take for granted. Im thankful. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ