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22 Jan

Letters are writen for different reasons… So is this poem here.
For sorrows, joys or happiness.
But i guess i dont have to start explaining about mine.
Anyway maybe i should just say a few
Im shaking as im writing these lines, not for sadness but some outstanding joy that has just started dwelling deep in me because of you.
This started as any normal friendship cos we had no idea what God had in store for us… happiness together.
Laughters for forever.
Months have passed yet each day it feels like the first…
Its not even too early to say you are my best
Because every meaning of happiness is in you.

These words aren’t any promises
These words are a way of trying to get through to your heart.
And find a space in it,
Even if you can say its full i will still stand next to you and tell you “my lady, lets shift some things to make room”
Cos thats how much of a blessing you are to me.
This is a step into godly journey that we have just started.
A journey that surely holds nothing but joy, laughter, sorrows, disagreement, understanding and all other things.
Small things, are yet to be cherished
Big achievements are yet to be celebrated
These are my words to you.

These words from my heart to you,
Just to prove how much in love i have fallen for you.
Love is…. The perfect gift.
A sweet and wonderful gift that you gave me the day you slipped into my life
I prayed for smiles, God gave me Love
I prayed for laughter and happiness, then God decided to give me You!!!
Thank you for loving an ordinary being like me.

PS: I Love You #Hayley ❤️😍🌹


19 Jan


NATOR: Using my soul to feed
I’ve got nothing more to
say, so I’m going to speak
to you in a form of a pray
With my eyes shut and
my mouth closed
Listen to my heart speak
With every beat it gives,
is a plea to God to allow
you to use yours to see
The flow of blood through
my arteries
Is the like scriptures
within the bible which tell
proverbial tales of love
and synergy
In its visceral dwells the
ark built by Noah, I’ll
protect you in the
deadliest of storms, I’d
give up my own so life
can be given to yours
Dear God, its ironic how
I’m writing to you, when
you are the author of all
that is
In essence I’m scripting
what has already be
written, emphasis to the
love I have for the woman
who resides within my
Or maybe we just made
from the seeds that
birthed the forbidden tree
The bible calls it the tree
of knowledge
Quiet significant to the
fact that I’m an open book
The blessings have even
come from my mom
This is how I feel about
you because I believe the
time has come

DREW: Things that my eyes see
when i look at you….
Through the thoughts of
my mind to my heart that
finds actual peace.
Being given the part of
your angelic well being
Its an amazing and
outstanding feeling to ever
Your smiles pave way of
fortune every passing
Sometimes i think even
God laughs at my prayers.
Simply because you are
in each and every one
that i have ever said to
But mostly i Pray to him
to keep close and be
forever mine.
Our souls found a way to
each other a long while
Its like we are two hearts
with one beat.
The time is now…
To let everyone know
about us.
To make the love angels
smile for seconding
mister cupid our way.
To impress the almighty.
With you, am not only
happy but you make me
feel like a king.
Tell you what,
Its funny how i
sometimes think of how i
found you.
I tried shooting for the
moon but the arrow
pierced through a star,
that’s you.
Now i don’t admire the
moon no more like i used
to because this star that i
own gives me so much
Might have said it already
a number of times but i
believe the time has
come for us to move
more forward than we
have ever thought of.
Because we belong
And i love you my Queen.


15 Jan

A Duet With: Miss Yolanda

DREW: Even though my heart would skip a beat whenever you crossed my mind,
Sometimes the thought of you being mine was fading.
Couldnt foresee where my hope was heading.
But then time and again when we were checking up on each other the spark ignited the flame harder.
There was a time i thought i wont hear your voice again
There was a time that i thought of letting go…
There was a time i thought you have nothing to do with me…
But then out of the blue,
Our feelings pulled our hearts together again.
The voices soothing our souls lessening the pain
Right from this moment i am glad and happy.
Cos its now safe to say im in love with you.
An angel of smiles.

YOLANDA: I knew it from the start but I couldn’t deal with it because you’re so far.
I told myself maybe you were the one I was going to love from afar.
I watched as people gave you their admiration and I wished to give you my adoration.
From time to time we’d talk and catch up and I loved the patience you had with me
I was holding back my love.
I was holding it back..
Clearer and clearer it became, you are the one. With a soul as calm as a water in the pool and love as vigorous as water in the ocean when storming.
You’re the epitome of the love I’ve always wanted to feel.
Now the unbecoming fear I had has nothing on the love I have for you.

You see, with you, I had to be open minded and willing to feel.
Here I am now. With you,
and I can not deal with not telling you I love you everyday because of the love I suppressed all this time
Now when I tell people about you, I say you’re my kaleidoscope because ,to me, you’re a person with pieces of mirrors whose reflection produce beautiful colors of love, humility, peace and joy
I’m trying vehemently to express how hard I’ve fallen for you.
You have my heart, there is no other way to put it
So take these words from my heart, a confession from my soul.
Because now its safe to say you are mine.

DREW; Frankly…
If i didnt have you, the point of losing myself i was about to reach.
For so long i have been alone and believe you me its not a happy ending story.
Number of times feeling sorry as i go through the daily thoughts of how to deal with the anxiety of being single.
Perfection is never easy so are promises
But i can swear to give you my word.
Words to erase your old fears
Words to give hope to our coming years.
I wanna spend my last part of my life with you.
For so long i have always had this feeling that the love and affection shared between us is rare and true.
Trying to hide the deepest emotions is as impossible as trying to touch the wind.
To me, you are as amazing as that star next to the moon.
Often i smile, shake my head and say to myself; i am one lucky creature.
Which brings me to this final say….
Dont be bothered with who ever may seem close to me cos they can have my number or attention BUT its still you who owns my Heart.
And now its safe to say, im in love with you!


26 Dec

I understand time and again you been told that you are beautiful…
Well here I am again to tell you how amazing you are.
Despite that we were like two strangers in the same bus I still find it awesome that time and again we could share smiles though far from each other…
Cute…. smart…. straight.
Some of the things best describe you.

Knowing you made me learn some things about love that I thought did not matter.
The thought of falling in love with you still knocks somewhere deep in my mind while giving my heart some joy.
But then the fact that I can’t see you often as I might wish for it its really one of the things that kept breaking this heart.
We talked about it all and then we agreed of just being friends which we are now but still that doesn’t mean it can stop what the heart felt for you.

Haven’t been so free and say how I felt to some of ladies that I met before you. This only means you are sweet truly a blessing.
Sorry for being stupid sometimes for not noticing what you meant to me
Sorry for not appreciating you enough some of the times.
But hey!
We not perfect and that is how we sometimes learn and try to fix whats wrong.

Here I am again…
Reminding you that you deserve nothing but the best.
In my heart you are not only a friend but “my lady”
I smile time and again when you cross mind because I truly understand your heart once had some feeling.
I glad to have known you
I’m happy that you gave me your heart.
Ever time time your voice make noise in my head I smile like a retard, its sweet emotions you been bringing out of me. For that I say thank you.

This is not a sad story but some few words of appreciation….
Of joy to say thank you.
On behalf of your future husband, Miss….
I say stay amazing and stay beautiful.
Drew cares 😍🌹


24 Nov

Putting together these phrases
Hoping they will make you smile more
Let this feeling penetrate through your mind to the core of your heart
I want these words to dismantle every little emotion that might wish to disturb your joy.

The Joy of giving the love I possess always struck a chord whenever my mind is reminded that there is you.
I want it like this everyday, in every way… Be the super angel of laughter to my soul
Everyday in love with you, I fall.
Out of all the places that I might be or let alone all the faces that I can see, none will mean a world like you do.
You let my smile shine through.

A list of amazing thoughts can fill so many pages if its to be written down.
Still nobody can push you away from my heart or say to repossess your crown.
Your royal highness, my Queen
Some may say love is one of those things that is overrated.
But you know to me and you this is a feeling can’t even be debated.
But forever as long as we together will be upgraded
For so long I have waited…
For a day like this, to jot down a few of my heart’s desires.

Out of my over thinking mind I took this time to say a few things why I think you are special.
This is a moment of appreciation.
On the road to our forever…
Asking myself why are still by side loving me each day like the first day.
You are one amazing lady, that I must say.
Always having my back whenever I’m down.
Forever being the first to make me smile.
Laughing at and with me all days.
Others still think love is an old story because they have never met us yet.
Love fails when its not treated as a blessing that it is.
This is….
One of awesome and out of this world kind of affection.
So here are my words.
A moment of appreciation.

Stay amazing for me
Forever we will always be
Stay beautiful for us both
Cos I will love till I can’t no more.


4 Nov

Featuring: AMIZOZA

I marveled at your ability to love me past my
Disarming the armored guards strategically
situated to safeguard my
shattered soul.

Listen, there’s not enough emotions to paint on
paper to express my
appreciation of this extraordinary love.
Instead, let me say:
I like how you kiss my scars, instead of questioning
how I split my skin
with shards of glass.
How you loved me past my dark obsession with my
stretch marks.

And then……
I realized how harmless and unlike the rest you are.
So i poured my heart out, and again was startled at how you voluntarily let
yourself drown in the ocean on my patched up love.

This love letter is an appreciation of our senseless,
un apologetic love.
Allowing me to suffocate you with raw jealousy, to
be crazy and shamelessly
pride yourself in the love you’ve planted in me.


Here I am
Thankful, happy and full of smiles
I look back to the past love lives
No good decision was ever made.

Awesome, amazing things are always right in front of us but we are often blinded by the shaken desires of wanting more….
We forget to start by appreciating the little blessings we see with naked eyes.
Love that is real don’t come ringing bells but silently slips into the hearts of two minds willing to be together…

Time and again I find myself smiling,
Thinking let alone laughing out loud,
Most when I remember the little things you do to me and for us.
So many reasons why my life has changed lately
But above all, this extraordinary present has been one out of this world.
The gift of love from an Angel that is you to me… A simple nobody. Yet you find it important to make time to make my heart skip with joy
Turned this poor soul into a man from a boy.
Close.. And tight.
My prayer is for you to stay a little while.

Amazing is God who we pray to…
He created You.
Wonderful is this awesome compassion…
That made you offer to me a sweet gift of Love.


10 Aug


The way we get down…
We can make best actors in the whole wide world.
Putting every other shine and decisions on hold.
Your body belongs to this heart
I love the way you don’t keep me waiting.
All is done in time.
Things we do are always part of inner love.
Touching you feels heavenly.
Tonight is one of those days when all things are done Simultaneously.
Cos my mind says so, my heart is beating for
My inner desires are calling for!
You know I always say you deserve better,
That’s why nobody will take this place that you own in me
For a long time you will always be.

Your smiles are food for my soul
Your voice is the remedy to my wishes
Your whispers are the solution for my thoughts.
You don’t have time to find faults
Because we are too busy loving each other.

The beauty, that is you, even when you yawning.
A kiss on your forehead in the morning
Telling rather reminding you that you are beautiful
In my mind I will be wishing for time to move at a speed of sound
So I can get back home to you my woman.

You make me talk to myself.
Call in it crazy but I say its deep affections that my heart has for both of us.
When you’re close to me, I avoid looking at you on purpose.
The shape of hips drives me insane
Your thick ebony thighs send my eyes blur
Those firm curved breasts send shivers down my spine every time my hands are on them.

I hope you understand my situation
But because at the same time you are my solution.
I always can’t help it but love you more
Making love to you feels like the first time.
Kissing every part of your inner thighs.
My hands moving up and down slowly all over your body.
The dim of the lights adds flavor to this party
Rhythm of our heart beats correspond to the RnB sound speakers of our radio produce.
We breathe like we just finished the marathon
The scent of rubbers all over in the air.
No rush… Nice and easy we go. But still tap out.
Few moments later, we go Numb!!!


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